About a girl…


Hi I’m Kat, welcome to my blog. I blog about crafts, recipes (especially ones with booze in them), fashion, and the many random thoughts that I ponder while I am deep into my Pisces fantasy file. I also blog a ridiculous amount of lists. I love lists. They give you order in an otherwise chaotic world. Though chaos is nice too sometimes.

I live in Cleveland with my husband Jimi


and our two gatos locos, Rasputin & Csonka.


champagne, art, big sunglasses, red velvet cupcakes, sparkles, reality crime shows, zombies and other things that go bump in the night.

The Girl I Mean To Be is a reference to a song from Secret Garden. I created  The Girl I Mean To Be to share my goals, my accomplishments, my musings and all the beautiful moments life has to offer as I strive to be the The Girl I Mean To Be.

Lyrics to The Girl I Mean To Be

I need a place where I can go,
Where I can whisper what I know,
Where I can whisper who I like
And where I go to see them.

I need a place where I can hide,
Where no one sees my life inside,
Where I can make my plans, and write them down
So I can read them.

A place where I can bid my heart be still
And it will mind me.
A place where I can go when I am lost,
And there I’ll find me.

I need a place to spend the day,
Where no one says to go or stay,
Where I can take my pen and draw
The girl I mean to be.


7 thoughts on “About a girl…

  1. Found u on twitter- so glad to hear u support the arts in Cleveland! So many locals talk bad instead of making it better! My twitter is @factortwice if you want to follow me 2.

    • Factortwice- Thanks for the follow on twitter and for coming to my blog! I love Cleveland and look forward to helping make it even better. Glad you feel the same. I look forward to reading your tweets 🙂

  2. Was wondering if you’re gonna make it out for Organ Grinder’s Ball 15 on 3-27-10. It’s the one I write & direct and is also Cleveland’s longest running fetish fashion show. It’s def. one of the sexiest nights out that Cleveland has to offer so we’re looking for people to promo before also review. Let me know!
    PS – u got me hooked on Gala Darling!

    • Hey, I absolutely want to go. Let me know what I can do promo wise and I will definately do a review for my blog. I’m putting the date in my planner right this minute! Glad I could get you hooked on Gala Darling. I love her blog.

  3. Hi I am an editor of an independent zine based out of LA with some nor cal contributers,. The Zine is about the hedonsitc approach to life that is enjoying life but also with ethics. Living life to its fulllest and at the same time being aware of an making a positive impact on the world through do it yourself, indpendent thinking, different takes on life, fashion, fun and food. I very much like your vein of blogging and since i am trying to expand my list of contributors I am seeking submissions. If you are published I will send you a copy of the zine (it is only published in print, not online) and give you credit. If you would like to see an older copy I can send you a sample. Otherwise let me know if you interested in having a short article (no more than 2 pages) printed in TastyZine

  4. i just found your blog, i’m a romanian chick, and i found you through google image search

    but wow..aren’t you a darling? i love the way you write i love the way you express yourself
    there is no hypocrisy in your words
    no desire to hide

    you are a beautiful person, i like you and your blog very much

    Kisses and keep blogging you are a star

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