Cool As Ice Cream Tour 2014: First Stop Dairy King

So I was just going to write a blog post and hope that no one noticed that I haven’t written a thing on this blog for 4 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!! But that seemed so wrong on so many levels… so let me first say, I apologize for being a lame. I do have a great excuse. My laptops power cord died and it has been come difficult to keep up with blogging when you share a cord with your husband. But I suppose that is a lame excuse. In any case I am back and I bring a peace-offering. Ice cream. Now since this is the internet and technology hasn’t gotten to a point where I can pass ice cream through your computer screen (hey scientists get on that) I instead offer you reviews on ice cream. More specifically reviews of local (Cleveland) ice cream shops.

You may not know this but Cleveland has an immense amount of local handcrafted ice cream places. It’s possible that it has more local hand crafted ice cream places than it does micro brews, which is it also has a lot of (Ice cream and beer…as if I needed another reason to love Cleveland.) So why am I telling you this? Well the three shillelaghs are at it again folks. We decided that there were far too many of these local hand crafted ice cream places that we have never been to. So the Cool As Ice Cream tour was born. 12 local ice cream shops in 12 weeks. We started June 2nd and will end September 1st ( we will be gone one week in July on vacation in case you thought I couldn’t count). I made a graphic just for the occasion 🙂

photo 4 (1)


The first location we went to was “Dairy King” Ok… so I wouldn’t put this place in the “handcrafted” category, but it is local and not a chain ice cream shop. Actually it’s not a shop at all. It’s a pop up ice cream stand that opens in May and stays open till October.

photo 2 (3)

I have a soft place in my heart for Dairy King. When I was a kid and I would visit my grandma in Massachusetts. We would go get ice cream at this little mini golf place down the road from her. They had soft serve and those dips… you know the kind that get hard and form a shell around the ice cream. They had chocolate dip and cherry dip. I would always get chocolate soft serve dipped in cherry. I could never find the cherry dip anywhere else… When we first went to Diary King a few years ago I was so excited to find out that they actually had the cherry dip. YAY!

photo 3 (1)photo (6)


What I love about it: Besides the fact they have cherry dip (happy dance), I love that this place is so unpretentious. If a cheap yummy ice cream treat is what you want, this is the place to go.

What I could do without: The lines can be long depending on when you go. It’s on a busy road (Mayfield) so it can be kind of loud. Limited seating in the back and since its outside you have to eat your ice cream fast unless you would rather wear it instead of eat it. None of these things would stop me from going back though.

What you should try when you’re there: Home of the mini banana split! I plan on trying one the next time I go. (I stuck with my usually during this trip, pictured above). Jimi got a S’mores Earthquake (their take on the DQ Blizzard, pictured above) and Lindsay got a brownie sundae.

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