Valentine’s Day and Arty goodness

I’ve always like Valentine’s day. I don’t know why. I know many people despise it. Some people hate it because they are single. Some people hate it because they think it just another holiday for the greeting card companies (that’s sweetest day guys). I like Valentine’s day because it is a day that celebrates love. It makes you take a pause and appreciate the ones you love not just romantically, but platonically as well. I also love pink and hearts. I’m a girl what can I say. I’m 99% sure liking pink is encoded in our DNA. As far as it being just another greeting card holiday, Valentine’s day really started as more of a DIY holiday and many cultures celebrate by making handmade cards. Actually, I prefer handmade valentines cards myself and I had intended to make some this year (with doilies and everything), but like always the day came by very quickly. However we did have a great night and I thought I’d share some details.

I went to work on Valentine’s Day. The hub sent me several literary themed valentine’s day e cards. My favorite was this one:


When I got home we exhanged gifts. He made me some art and will be buying me this travel coffee mug that I have been dying for!  I bought him a poetry book. A Charles Bukowski poetry book. The inscription reads:


I thought a book of poetry would be romantic, but a book of Charles Bukowski poetry would be more our speed.”


This is the piece Jimi made for me. He’s been trying his hand at art and I’m very proud of him. I like the way he combines art and poetry. He has lots of great ideas and gets frustrated with the execution of his work. I tell him practice makes perfect…either way I love my art piece.

Side note: I got the  book and his card at Loganberry Books which is an awesome local book store in Shaker Heights. We went on Thursday night so that Jimi could read his poetry at their open mic. I am very proud of him that he is keeping up with doing these readings. We had a blast. A few of his co workers came and we chatted it up and met a woman who played her ukulele. She shared her rendition of “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter” She added a verse she wrote that took a more feminist and cheeky turn. It was brilliant. They also have a really awesome show up in the gallery. If you’re local check it out.

Anyway back to Valentine’s Day. After we exchanged presents we went to a gallery opening. Doubting Thomas Gallery in Tremont. The small gallery was PACKED. We inched our way to the back room that was reminiscent of a college house party. We ran into our friend Linda. We chatted. Jimi and Linda drank Bulgarian wine, we people watched, looked at art, got “love letters from god” wrapped in red velvet and a bow.  We were instructed not to read till the next day. I’m not the religious type, but I thoroughly appreciated its artistic value.

After the gallery opening we went next door to a Gallery/ Antique store. The name escapes me, but it is apparently run by a somewhat famous drag queen. Linda could not remember the drag queen’s name… “something dick.” And this is the story of how I created my drag queen name “Whiskey Dix.” If I ever decide to me a drag queen I am prepared.

We left Tremont and went to Lakewood for dinner. We wanted to try somewhere we hadn’t been yet. We opted for El Carnicero which,  if you are local might know that it, is one of Chef Eric William’s restaurants. It’s very similar to his other restaurant (and one of my favorites) “Momocho.” Its decorated with luchadore masks and has a very relaxed vibe.


 I had a blood orange margarita. It was divine. We shared guacamole, the machaca (coffee and ancho braised beef) tamales with a fried egg on top and the al pastor (adobo & citrus braised pork) taquitos. Everything was delicious.

me 1Jimi

oh yeah and I chopped off all my hair.


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