2013 Wrap up and 2014 goals

Happy 2014

I have to say 2013 was a really great year. I feel like ever since I hit 30 things keep to falling  into place year after year. Maybe I just mellowed out. Maybe I’m just wiser.  Whatever the reason, I’m happy. Not perfect, but happy. A co-worker of mine has a sign in her cube that says “Progress. Not Perfection.” It’s a pretty good mantra. On this blog in the past I have created long lists of all the stuff I want to accomplish for the coming year…I’ve never successfully completed ALL of these goals in the 12 short months that I give myself to complete them, but as I have gone back and looked at these goals I have noticed that eventually I do get things accomplished. Progress. Not Perfection. I have goals for this year.  I’m not putting pressure on myself to get it all done and wrapped up in a bow by December 31 2014. Some of these things can and will most likely take time. Not to mention the fact that there is a good chance that my priorities and my interests today might be  will be different in 12 months. I’m ok with that. I’m done with forcing myself to complete a to do list with stuff on it that I don’t want to do anymore. Isn’t that what the year should be about? Growing and changing is part of life. I‘ve learned am learning to let go of things that don’t really matter in the long run. To not focus on being perfect and crazy about every detail (no one will notice but me anyway.) I mean I still think it is important to pay attention to details, but at some point you have to let go and enjoy yourself. During the holiday season I let my self do that a little bit and it was way less stressful for me. It’s something I plan to do more of in the future. The lessons I learned and the experiences I went through  in 2013 have influenced these goals. I’m excited to see what comes to fruition and which ones become obsolete and fall to the way side. I kinda broke them up into categories….cause I am a nerd like that.


 Update LinkedIn profile. -I don’t know how useful LinkedIn is I haven’t really used it that much, but I figure it wouldn’t hurt to update it and utilize a little.

 Update resumes (both work and acting)

 Update headshots- My last ones were done like a million years ago.

 At least work on thesis. This has been on my list for years… at this point its a joke, but I gotta put it on my list because I really do want to finish it. Baby steps I guess.

 Work on monologues for auditions.- These days you very rarely need prepared material usually you’re just reading from the script, but I really should have stuff prepared.

 Audition more often. I usually do one or two shows a year. I’d like to try and do at least two maybe even three this year.


 Dining room- We need to paint and get an area rug.

 Jimi’s office- We need to paint and hang all his art and Spider-man stuff,

 My office- My office is still filled with boxes and a bunch of crap from when we moved in August 2012. I can’t wait to have it organized and painted and decorated. 🙂

 Kitchen- I have some plans for the Kitchen… I think this room will be a slow process.


 Brick borders around the gardens for definition.

 Raised bed in the back yard for vegetables

 Trim the tree in the back yard. It really needs it!


 Get a pedicure and manicure – I always want to but I always change my mind because I don’t want to pay the money. but I think I deserve at least one. Right?

 A massage! I haven’t had one in a while and I really want to get a deep tissue massage for my birthday.


 52 weeks money challenge– Maybe I can actually save some money this year… that would b nice.


 Learn chess

 Bake 12 loaves of bread- I have never really successful made bread. I figured I would expand my culinary skills and bake a loaf once a month.

I have some other things floating around my head, but those are for me 🙂

Check out my little Flipagram 🙂 I love this app!


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