Once upon A Time at Garlic Fest…

This story starts with garlic and ends with chicken. And no it’s not a recipe. 🙂


A couple of weeks ago the hub and I went to Garlic Fest at Shaker Square. The plan was to go there and then head off to Mentor Headlands beach to try to squeeze  a little more beach time in before Fall took hold. But unfortunately that day was gray… and so we headed to the Garlic Fest and then decided to go to my dad’s house for dinner (We had previously been invited). So we walked through Garlic Fest and sampled garlic jellies, garlic hot sauces, pickled garlic, and fresh garlic (that was surprisingly very spicy.) Then we got an Agave Garlic Popsicle from Chill ( a new Cleveland popsicle vendor)


I enjoyed it, but I’d probably get another flavor under different circumstances ( when at Garlic Fest…). We also got a little free mini biodegradable pot and free garlic cloves to plant. We are going to plant them soon in the ground. By this time next year  we will have garlic of our own.  One of the last things we did there was buy a raffle ticket. The prize? Two chickens and a brand new chicken coop. I had wanted to raise chickens for a while and thought, why not put in a dollar…. “I probably wont win” I thought…I was right. I didn’t.

Later that night we went to my dad’s house of dinner and we talked about all the things we did at the Garlic Fest that day. My dad insisted that my step mom and he go the next day (he’s a big garlic fan.) That night at 5:00pm my step mom called me. “Kate I won the Chickens!!!” By 7:00pm the brand new coop and two chickens were in my yard.

At first I was thrilled. The next two days I was totally freaked out! What was I thinking?! Chickens?! What if they got loose? What if predators got to them? What if they got sick? What if? What if? What if? It was anxiety central at my house… I talked to my mom and she assured me I was crazy for freaking out. I was still skeptical, but the next day  I checked on the chickens and I saw EGGS!!! It was so cool. I became totally giddy! Since then I have been very excited about having the Chickens in our lives. We are on week two and so far so good.

We named the chickens after the characters in Waiting For Godot, Estragon and Vladimir (what would you expect from an actress & a playwright?) Since Estragon and Vladimir are more masculine names and we nick named them Gogo and Didi (also the nickname of the characters in Waiting For Godot.)

Estragon is a barred rock chicken. She’s very pretty and more than a little feisty. She lays brown eggs.


Vladimir…I’m not 100% sure what kind she is… I think she is an Ameraucana chicken. She looks like she’d be a handful, but she is very sweet. She gives a light greenish egg. I totally saw her lay and egg and it was totally crazy/amazing/weird.


This is our coop (pardon my compost pile in the back haha) I feel like it is two small for them to live comfortably/happily. So once my chickens are “legalized” (Cleveland Heights allows chickens, but we have to get a conditional use permit through the city and the next approval meeting is in October) we will be building a run to provide more space for them.


We have a local brewery in town that sets their spent grains out for us crazy suburban chicken raisers. This will save us some $$ on feed! yay!

spent grains

Pretty crazy story huh?  I have to say I am glad the fates took charge and gave me these chickens. I had wanted them, but who knows if I would ever have gotten the balls to go through with it. It’s nice to be reminded that life is an adventure and the best adventures are the ones that are full of surprises!


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