My newest obsession? Rugby!

rovers 2

So…Let’s talk Rugby for a minute! The hub and I went to check out a Cleveland Rover’s game this past Saturday and I LOVED it. First of all  the Cleveland Rover games are free and you can bring food, drink, and even your pup! It is super easy to follow which is a big relief. Football is way too complicated for me.  My two favorite parts are the scrum which looks like this:


I never snapped a picture of the scrum at the game. The one above is from an England vs Scotland game.  A scrum is a way to restart the game after a minor infringement.

My most favorite part is this:

rovers 1


This occurs during a “line-out.” A line-out happens when the ball goes out of play. Both sides compete for the ball and sometimes they lift a player in the air.

For a detailed description of the rules I suggest you head over to Wikipedia. They are WAY more detailed then I have the patience to be. 🙂 If you are in the Cleveland area I suggest you take in a game! If not I suggest you find a local Rugby league and take in one of those games 🙂

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