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Let’s talk Put-In-Bay for a moment. Put-In-Bay is about an hour and a quick ferry ride from the great city of Cleveland. If I ever had a doubt that Cleveland was the greatest city in the country to live (don’t worry I never have) all doubt was erased after our trip to Put-In-Bay.  Lady Linzi had a goal of going on top of the Perry Victory and International Peace Monument this summer. The hub and I couldn’t let her go alone! I hadn’t been since high school and to be honest I hardly remembered a thing. But  I am up for almost any kind of adventure. So we made the voyage across to the middle of Lake Erie To South Bass Island (Put-In-Bay).


September marks the Bicentennial of the War of 1812’s Battle of Lake Erie . Everyone and their mother had a Dont Give Up the Ship flag. We bought one for our house. “Dont Give Up The Ship” is my motto for summer 2013.


The picture below one was taken at Heineman’s Winery. They give tours of their winery and the “Crystal Cave” which is the world largest geode.

dont give up the ship 2

Side note the gift shop had these amazing door pulls on the door.

door pulls

First stop was the Perry Monument.

perry 2 (2)

perry 1 (2)

perry 4

The view was awesome!

view 1

view 2

We had lunch at “The Keys” which was the “Northern Most Bar” and was Key Westy enough fool me for an hour or two.

1444 key west

We drove around in the golf cart and explored the island. We went to grave yards, checked out the South Bass Island Lighthouse, checked out the strip, looked at all the boats at the marina and drove by this cute wall/observation area that was painted all fun…


This is the view of the lake from the light house.

lighthouse view


My favorite picture of the trip is this one 🙂

dont give up the shit

It was a great day and it really defined the summer for me. I’m glad we did it and I hope it becomes a tradition for us.



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