Summer Mix 2013 Part 2

Summer mix part 2

Click here to hear the playlist on Spotify

 Shut Up and Smile- Patent Pending

 Let’s Find Some Meaning- This Good Robot

 The Summer- Cococnut Records

 Cough Syrup- Young The Giant

 I Summon You- Spoon

 OMYGOD- Kate Nash

 Grow Up- Cher Lloyd

 I Told you So- Karmin

 Dirty Love- Ke$ha

 One More Summer- No Doubt

 One Of Those Days- Joy Williams

 Giving Up- Ingrid Michaelson

 How Lucky We Are- Meiko

 I Love Your More Than Sunshine- Cathy Heller

 Folding Chair- Regina Spektor

 Movie Loves A Screen- April Smith

 Girls and Boys In Love- The Rumble Strips

 Boom Boom Boom- Brandon & Leah

 Chin Up- Amy Stroup

 Sunday Girl- She & Him

 The Quiz- Hello Saferide

dont give up the shit


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