Dark N’ Stormy

Last summer I was looking for a “go to” drink that I could enjoy all summer. That’s when I came a across the “Dark N’ Stormy.” My favorite local pub, Parnell’s, added it to their summer menu. This was pretty surprising seeing as this place is as far from a “cocktail bar” as you can get. I once heard a customer ask the owner, Declan (a cute surly Irish gentleman), what the “specials were that night.” Declan responded with, “We’re open.”

When I saw this on the menu I had to try it. I am a fan of the Moscow Mule which combines ginger beer, lime juice and vodka. So I knew I would love ginger beer, lime juice and black rum! I was right!  Here is what you need
 photo b6927c41-8da6-4034-93ae-f4181f673e33.jpg
 Ginger Beer– I use Goya’s Jamaican Style ginger beer. It’s .99 a bottle, easy to find and has a nice spicy kick to it. But there are plenty of other versions and they are pretty easy to find. Liquor stores often have it. Ginger Beer is non-alcoholic and has a more potent ginger flavor then ginger ale.

 Black Rum– I usually use Gosling’s Black Seal, which is delicious and the black rum to use. But this year as I was purchasing my bottle of black rum my summer full of Dark N’ Stormy’s I happened upon The Kracken Black Spiced Rum and I had to buy it. It is also delicious and the bottle is fun…also it’s called The Kracken and has a picture of a Kracken on it. Awesome.

 Lime- You could use bottle lime juice if you are so inclined. If you opt for the lime you can use it as a  garnish  as well in addition to using the juice.

Here is the fun part. Putting it all together. Order is everything in making a good Dark N’ Stormy. In your glass of choice (tumbler, high ball glass etc) add ice, and 1-2 table spoons lime juice. The fill your glass (almost to the top make sure to leave enough room for the rum) with the ginger beer. Then add the black rum. I usually use just 1 shot of the black rum, but how much you use is entirely up to you. The different viscosity of the liquids make the beverage take on the look of a thunder storm. I usually mix it up with my straw before I drink it, but it’s fun to look at when you first make it. Cheers!
 photo 915cedb1-b783-4e77-b8e2-f809671b90bb.jpg

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