Art Crush: Kate Gilmore

Sunday (St. Patrick’s Day) instead of drinking the day away, we spent the first half of the day at MOCA Cleveland (Cleveland’s Museum of Contemporary Art.) We are SO adult now a days. No worries though we ended the day at our favorite local pub  (Parnell’s Pub). 😉

The new exhibits at MOCA were awesome. I totally have a new art crush! Kate Gilmore. Her stuff is really excellent. Gilmore’s performance based work pushes her physical limits and challenges social conventions. Gilmore often wears feminine dresses and heels while she puts herself in messy,  restricting and often painful circumstances. New York Times described Gilmore’s work as “primal-conflict-in-a candy-wrapper.”

If you are in the Cleveland area I suggest you check it out. It will be there until June 19th. I will definitely be going again. If you go make sure to check out the video that accompanies this piece. It shows her process for creating this work and it really is part of the whole experiencing.

Kate Gilmore

Kate Gilmore 2

If you dig Kate Gilmore as much as I do and are in the Cleveland area you can also go to a free performance at MOCA tentatively scheduled for April 4th. Kate will direct a piece featuring female students from Cleveland Institute of Art. This piece will “showcase a post-feminist take on the absurdity f contemporary life.”

Also Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller’s The Paradise Institute was pretty freaking awesome too. The recreate a


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