Spring Fever


I have never been a huge fan of Spring. It’s not that I dislike it mind you. It’s just I’ve never really given it much thought. Cleveland’s seasons typically look like this:


Living in an apartment for so many years I kind of got used to ignoring Spring. My time spent outside consisted of walking from my car to the apartment and so forth and then boom it was summer. We lived in a first floor apartment for 5 years. We had to keep the blinds closed and the curtains drawn most of the time so the natural light situation sucked. It made for emo winters funks. This is what happens when you have zero energizing sunshine filling the room with hope and happy vibes.

I never noticed that it was such a problem until we moved to the house. I still get into winter funks, but they aren’t half as bad as before. In fact today I said to myself “wow I haven’t cried in a while.” I know that is a weird thing to say, but for someone who has battled depression it was a nice realization.  My winter funks this year have been this weird quasi depression that occurs where I am not exactly sad, but just tired and uninspired and just kind of blah .

Contrary to popular belief we actually have sunshine here in Cleveland… but it’s not everyday and when you work from 8-5, you go to work in the dark and come pretty much as the sun is going down. The constant cold, the wet, the salt creeping up your pant legs… you’re having to put on a coat and boots and gloves and hat just to put your trash in the garage or get something out of your car… it’s enough to make anyone snap after 3 months especially when all cheery holidays that keep us pre-occupied have come and gone.

All this talk of weather you probably think I have spent most of my days thinking about the weather and my lack of sun… but actually I hadn’t given it thought lately until this weekend. We went to a couple awesome events (which I will blog about later) and in between we went for a small drive through Lake View Cemetery. Which seems weird, but really it is common to see people walking around in there. It’s a park… a park that happens to have dead people in it. It really is pretty in there… any way I came across the picture above.

And now I can’t seem to think about much else. Then as I was looking outside my window today and I saw some of my very own all over the yard… I got so excited. Soon I will be able to garden! In my own YARD! Plant vegetables and pretty things! Where overalls and a floppy hat! I will be able to fix up our sun porch and prepare for the summer where I plan to do a ridiculous amount of outdoor living. This excitement has kind of refreshed me… But of course  we are apparently getting snow this week…so we aren’t there just yet… so for now I will just have to cherish these photos and know that soon Spring will be here soon! 🙂



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