A Productive Weekend

Sometimes I get down and there seems to be no real reason for it. I actually had a great week. I lost 4 lbs on a cleansing diet I was trying. Monday I made an all vegan meal. I was way proud! I made some yummy smoothies that I plan to post here. I didn’t have pop (soda for you non Clevelanders) for a week… of course I totally had some yesterday and today…but it’s a start. I also attended an awesome lecture at the Art Museum  on “Public Women: Actresses, Dancers, and Prostitutes in Nineteenth Century Paris.” By Friday I was ready for the weekend.

Friday night me and the bff went to an art show at the Beck Center. The artist was Mary Deutschman. Beautifully bright paintings by a Cleveland based artist.


After we perused the paintings we grabbed a yummy latte at Gypsy Bean. They have a yummy caramel apple latte which is to die for.

Saturday morning the hub woke up with major tummy ache and later that morning had the full on plague. I the went in to full on productive mode. I cleaned the kitchen and organized almost every area of it.


I had Murder She Wrote on the tv all day. In the evening I started watching Pushing Daisies. Both of them are shows that make me so happy. I think that is why I kept them on all weekend… to keep the blues at bay. I could feel the blues creeping  up. I managed to check off a lot of stuff of my to do list. I did laundry, put away some stuff from the boxes in the basement, worked on my little nook in my living room.


nook before

nook..in progress

nook in progress

My final bit of productivity was to bake chocolate chip cookies…which was my first successful cookie baking in the new house.

chocolate chip cookies

I only had 1/2 cup of butter so I used 1/2 cup of coconut oil. It made for some yummy cookies. I also used dark chocolate… delicious.

So here I am typing this watching Pushing Daisies and wrapping up my productive weekend. Jimi is feeling better now. I am still feeling a little blue, but I do have a sense of accomplishment and feeling inspired…I’m hoping that makes for another nice week.


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