D.I.Y Beard Oil

DIY beard oil

For Christmas I made Jimi a batch of beard oil. I saw a bottle of it on Urban Outfitter’s website. What is beard oil you ask? It’s a type of beard conditioner. Using it regularly can help growth, tame unruly beard, soften the beard hair and condition skin to prevent itching and dry skin. I tried to find a recipe online and to my surprise there wasn’t one…Seriously I was shocked! So I came up with my own recipe.

What you will need:

 5 oz Hemp Oil- raw, organic

 0.6 oz Essential oil- I used a mix of patchouli, sandalwood and amber

 2 oz Jojoba oil

 Glass bottle 8oz

Take 5 oz of Hemp oil, 2 oz Jojoba oil, and 0.6 oz essential oil and pour the ingredients  directly into the 8oz bottle and shake. So simple! The jojoba oil actually mimics the natural oils our skin produces. The hemp oil is a great skin conditioner and it has a nutty smell that compliments the patchouli, sandalwood and amber scents. I chose those essential oils because they are my favorite and they have a woodsy and clean smell. Any essential oil would work. Rosemary, cedar wood, vanilla, or lime are possible suggestions.

 Please note:   This bottle will last you years.  My husband has had it for over a year and has 1/2 of a bottle left. Everybody’s skin is different. Be sure to test the oils in a small patch of skin to ensure you will not have a reaction. Never use essential oil alone on skin. Always use with a carrier oil.

Jimi 1


12 thoughts on “D.I.Y Beard Oil

  1. Beard Oil: Wanted to confirm the use of all three essential oils together, along with the Hemp and Jojoba oils. Also, just rub this in by hand and comb?

    • The use of essential oils are up to you. I used a little more than 0.5oz to get the desired smell. My husband kinda just uses his hands, but you could totally comb it in and it would probably give you better coverage. You could also do a small spray bottle.

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  3. This level of support for your partners beardy face is, in my opinion, a form of heroism. I will give this a go myself and hopefully stop my beard smelling like coffee and feeling like barn straw. In the meantime I would ask that you continue to be awesome.

    Much love to you and your hairy gentleman.

    K x

  4. Great tip! I am going to make some for my son-in-law. I sell therapeutic grade essential oils and they do so much more than just smell good. Therapeutic grade essential oils are anti- viral, anti- bacterial, and microbial, anti- fungal, ant- parasitical, hormone balancing, mood elevating,as well as conditions and promotes faster hair growth. email me if you are interested in learning what oils to use to customize your beard oil for your particular needs.You can contact me at karrue@msn.com

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