Lanterns, funky beats and food turcks


Last night  Linzi and I went to go pick up the hub from work at the Cleveland Museum of Art and watch the Winter Lights Lantern Festival procession. It was awesome…and free! We are so lucky to live in a city with an awesome art museum that is free! They always have great events! I video taped a couple a little bit of it. you can view it here.

A couple of my favorite CLE food trucks were there. I got Plantains from Jibaro  and some yummy curry from Umami moto. It was DELICIOUS!!!

When we came home I made one of the items on my holiday craft list. This is my first craft I’ve done in MONTHS! Not since at least June! I can’t wait to get my craft room/office/studio unpacked and ready for action 🙂


So far this holiday season is pretty awesome. Tomorrow evening we are going to see our favorite band Patent Pending at Peabodys! Christmas has come early 🙂


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