Ringing in the 2012 Holiday season

Yesterday I had a jam-packed day full of fun with the hub (Jimi). For the past couple months I have been in rehearsals for the show I am in “Wonder of the World” by David Lindsay-Abaire over at River Street Playhouse. This Sunday marks the beginning of Hell week… otherwise known as Tech week. I will be at work from 7-5 and then in rehearsals from 7-10…so my days will hectic and not filled with much time for relaxation and fun time with the hub. So I we packed as much fun into one day that we possible could. 🙂

We hoped on the Rapid and went downtown to the lighting ceremony. IT WAS COLD. All the yummy food trucks were there. We had some yummy Mac & cheese from Streat Mobile.  Mine had bacon on it and Jimi got pulled pork. We got tacos from Fired Up Taco truck. Jimi got beef and I got chicken… but to be truthful we took turns eating both.


my awesome picture of Terminal Tower in downtown Cleveland

This year the lights used down town are LED lights donated by General Electric. LED lights will reduce the energy used by 80% which means the city will save lots of money and it’s environmentally friendly. The first 100 minutes of the lightning were powered by energy harnessed from GE employees riding bicycles.  They started at 5:00am yesterday morning and pedaled until 6:30pm last evening. If they had used regular bulbs, they would have had to pedal for 180 hours to get enough energy to power the lights for 100 minutes. That’s pretty crazy! Once they lit up Public Square and we headed  back on the Rapid to our car.

The next stop was BuckBuck. BuckBuck is a new gallery in town. I had been expecting a gallery opening with art on the walls, but apparently they are between shows. The event we stumbled on to was called Lake Eerie Blues. The first 20 minutes was a demonstration of sound art by Wesley Friedrich. The next 30 minutes was a poetry reading by Keith J Varadi. It wasn’t what we expected, but it was fun none the less. I love seeing people creating art. I love new experiences and meeting new people.

After BuckBuck we went to Parnell’s Pub and got our Holiday ales on. 🙂 I had 12 Dogs of Christmas ale by Thirsty Dog. I had one. It kinda kicked my ass…. I’m a light weight. 🙂 Jimi had a Southern Tier 2Xmas ale. I tried it. It was STRONG. I preferred my 12 Dogs. Afterward we went home and I smashed the left over green bean casserole I made for Thanksgiving and the left over stuffing.

Then we snuggled in bed. We were exhausted. I slept a very nice and comfy 8 hours. And now I have to get ready for the first of many evenings locked in side of a theatre. It’s going to be a tough week, but I love the process and I can’t wait for opening night!

How did you ring in the holiday season?


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