CoNfEtTi FrIdAy 4/27/12

So. 2012 has been pretty freaking good so far. Which is probably evidence that the Mayans were right and we are all doomed come December. BUT if that’s the case I guess there isn’t anything I can do except sit back and enjoy my good fortune. Or perhaps its just hard work paying off? Either way it’s nice to be on the right side of Karma for a change. Here are all the things that are keeping me smiling 🙂

 Pinterest-I am so addicted. It’s bordering on a problem. I love keeping track of new recipes, craft projects, and fashion. follow me here 🙂

 Buying a home!- We signed the papers and are starting the hunting process. I can’t wait to make a house a home with the hub. 🙂

 Getting a promotion- I just got a promotion today with a raise that will really help in the coming months. All those years of busting my ass being miserable is starting to pay off. Things are lookin up

 mini roadies – We went on our first roadie of the season. It was a mini one. Only 2 hours away in Toledo, but we had a good time at the Toledo Art Museum!

 new pairs of sunnies

 brunch- XYZ Tavern you are the bestest!

 networking with artists

 Soups my husband makes- my favorites have been the cheese and broccoli soup that used cannelloni beans instead of cream and the collard white bean soup soup. SO GOOD!

 my husband’s new daper look


 almond milk

 learning to make grab buttons for my blog

 A $25 dress for $8.00

 Camera Bag App on iphone!- I’m obsessed!

 Working through my craft projects- I have finished a lot of them and I am making good progress.

 “Emmylou” by First Aid- I seriously have played this song on repeat like a hundred times. SO GOOD.

 Mojito and Peach Bellini flavored Crystal Light ( totally BRILL!)

 This picture makes me smile 🙂


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