“Martini” Monday- Plum Vodka Mojito

Ok. I know. Technically this is not a martini. But I needed to come up with things too mix this plum vodka with…So…this is Mojito Monday. You will read it and you will like it! :p

Look. I’m not gonna lie. I didn’t do much with this one. You could go all Martha Stewart and crush the mint leaves and squeeze the limes and pour the sugar. I didn’t go that route because I had this mojito mix in my fridge and I’m kinda lazy.

What you need:

 Mint leaves

 Mojito mix- I used Rose’s brand

 Plum Vodka- I used Pearl brand

Here’s what ya do:

Crush mint in glass. Add ice cubes. Use 1oz of plum vodka to every 3oz of the mojito mix. Stir and enjoy.

Bottoms up baby!xoxoox


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