31 before 32 list

Time to make my list of things I want accomplish before I turn 32. This idea is courtsey of Elsie Larson over at A Beautiful Mess. Some of these items are simple and some more complex. Some can be finished in a night and some will take all year ( and then some) and some of them I have been already started. I got a lot done last year and I hope this year I accomplish even more! There are a few repeats from last year but thats because I never got to them and they are things I either really want to do or really need to do.

 start a theatre company

 take tap lessons

 Learn ukulele

 start a Cabaret Troop 

 Get a house

 post more DIY projects

 Do some outfit posts

 Wear more jewelry

 Finish my Thesis

 Have a weekly date night

 Start teaching crafts at Joann Fabrics

 Read 10 books

 Get new headshots

 do weekly DIY mani/pedis

 Make quilt

 Learn French

 Start a tattoo fund

 Audition more

 Direct a show

 Update Etsy Store

 Learn to take better photos

 Work out 3-4 times a week

 Learn how to do flower arrangments

 Bake bread

 Make wonton soup

 Have a “summer cocktail” that I drink all summer

 Learn more about web design

 balloon photo shoot

 make dresses for spring summer and fall

 hike as many Cleveland MetroParks trails that I can!

 Learn to put away my clothes right away instead of living out of laundry baskets


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