30 before 31 list review….

Last year I made a list of 30 things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 31, entitled 30 Before 31 which is an idea that I totally out right stole from Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess because it’s an awesome idea. I didn’t do as well as I had hoped, BUT I did accomplish almost half of the items on my list and my list made me realize something…I am DANGEROUSLY close to my worst nightmare. What is that you ask? Being a woman of a lot talk and very little action. As some of you know I am the To Do List queen. I make lists in my sleep. Honestly. To Do Lists liter my life. I probably have 5 in my purse as we speak. The problem with To Do lists is they mean nothing if you don’t DO the things on the list. Sure I did stuff on this list, but when I reviewed my list there were a lot of the major things that were left crossed off. One of them was to start my theatre company. But see this is why To Do lists are so amazing because they remind you and keep you on track and sometimes thrust you to action. So that being said, This week I held my first meeting for my theatre company and will be filling for Articles of Incorporation this weekend. But enough about that. I bet you are just dying to know which of my other goals I got around to….What? No? well too bad here they are anyway. 😉

1. Have and Absinthe & Champaign Party- It’s always good to start a list off with something you can immediately cross off. Last year I was very happy to celebrate my birthday in style with a Marie Antoinette birthday party.

3. Knit 5 projects out of my Stitch N Bitch books- Ok… So I technically didn’t do this. BUT am counting it because I did take a class to learn to knit and I crochet a few phone cozies, my santa hat and my elf ear warmers! Now that I have the basics down I can move on to more fulfilling projects!

4. Make a few dresses from scratch- ok I didn’t actually complete this one… BUT I did make a lot of DIY project I could wear… does that count?

6. Go to the Warhol Museum. -I love the Warhol Museum! I also love Pittsburgh with its cute yellow bridges. Definitely doing this one again!

7. Read 6 books. – Ok… I’m starting to see a trend here… I didn’t get to 6 books. But I did read more than normal…so I’m counting it.

9. Start selling my head bands and jewlery I make. – Ok I actually accomplished this one!  Check out my Etsy Store and my Shop Haus of Kaboom page. I have a lot of wonderful things coming in spring and I can’t wait to chare them!

12. Cook more and post recipes- Yes finally I can hold my head up high because I actually did this one too. I posted some yummy food recipes and started my favorite feature Martini Monday. I even got featured on Foodista as the drink blog of the day. So that is pretty awesome!

13. Build a record collection- Slowly but surely getting there. We went to a bunch of record store this year. Luckily we have a bunch of really awesome stores here in CLE. Like Blue Arrow, Music Saves, Record Rev, CD/ Game Exchange. All local and all awesome 16. Save up to buy a house. – I saved… It’s not enough to buy a house yet, but I saved. I am DETERMINED to buy a house this year. I will sell my soul to the devil… ok maybe I’ll just borrow some $$ from my dad to make it happen… either way I want a HOUSE!!!

19. Go to the beach every week in the summer- Whoa did I accomplish this one or WHAT?! Started in June. The water was too cold to go in and there were these bugs everywhere, but we battled through and then we didn’t stop until mid September! So awesome.

20. Keep my car clean- Ok… This one is tricky…. See my original car was a total mess. Then it got in an accident while parked out side my apartment building… and they totaled it and I got a new car. My new car has been kept pretty clean. A few days in November when I volunteered to do costumes for a show at River Street Theatre it was a little chaotic, but I pretty much ensure that I clean it out every week. So I consider this a success.

22. Paint again- This winter I had some time off from work and I used one of those days to paint. I only did one painting, but I love how it turned out.

25. Design and construct my own Parade the Circle costume- Another proud moment for me this year. I designed and constructed this costume entirely from scratch. The dress, the wig…everything but the boots. I painted the boots, but I didn’t make the boots. What was so awesome was that the day of the Parade I was standing without the wig on because… It was HOT and that thing weighs over 2 lbs. The moment I put the wig on about 10 people with camera flocked to me.

27. Wear feathers in my hair this summer- I made some feather hair extension and I wore them with pride

29. Create a cute & organized craft area- Yeah so I did organize my craft area… It’s not so organized anymore…. But I am counting this as a completed goal.

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