CoNfEtTi FrIdAy 2/11/12-2/17/12

Happy Friday everyone!

This week seemed to go by in a flash. It was also like total bizzaro week because for the first time in my life I was in a good mood at work all day long and then got cranky when I got home. Mostly because I bought some glasses from and need my PD measurement and my doctor’s office doesn’t do it and they said ” go to an optical store” I went to Walmart and they said they don’t do it. And I found a place that would do it but they are going to charge me $25. Totally ridic. I hate getting the run around. As a result of my crabby week I have decided that as I get older I am turning into Merryweather (the Blue Fairy in Sleeping Beauty). Seriously this has been my face most of the week

In anycase enough about what made me frown. Let’s talk about what made that frown turn upside down shall we?

 Freudian Slip Martinis

 Chinese food…. mmmm spring rolls and wonton soup from Hunan’s on Conventry :::drool::::

♥ Selling stuff at the CCC Valentine’s craft show!

♥ Pintrest

♥ Coming up with ideas for Hell’s Belles my new cabaret troupe that I’m trying to start 🙂

 Handmade Valentines cards

 Nutella Sandwhich cookies

 Dinner with friends

 Stuffed shells- yum.

 A big cute sweet doggie named Sugar that think she’s a lap dog 🙂

 Green Tea

 Lunch Love notes from the hub- They ususally have a funny quote or joke and then declarations of love and hopes for good, great, or wonderful days 🙂

 My husband cleaning the apartment!- Magical!

 Nag Champa- My house smells like this on a daily basis thanks to the hub 🙂

 My CinnaMochaNilla was featured as Drink of the Day on Foodista! So cool!

 Wearing dresses to work. Wearing a dress to work for the first time in years. I love this whole no uniform thing. I get to look cute 🙂

 New Girl- I really like this show. It’s so funny. I have to say my favorite character is Schmidt. I think every girl should have a guy friend like Schmidt. He is ridiculous.

 PLL- This show is about to make me loose my hair, but it’s so good. Way better then it has any business being.

 Paying bills… I know that seems weird, but there is something about get everything paid and now knowing that all your bills are taken care of anything left is for you.

 Pumpkin seeds

 Drinking more water

 Discovering that my route home takes me right by my favorite thrift store! This could spell trouble 🙂

You know whats funny. The weeks that seem the toughest always seem to have the longest lists for CoNfEtTi FrIdAy…. Interesting how that happens. I’m guessing its because I’m searching for ever little scrap of happiness I can on those weeks. I’m glad that it helps to remind me that while one thing or even a couple things could go wrong in a day or week, there is still a lot more that goes right.

I want to be her when I grow up

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