Martini Monday: The Freudian Slip

The Freudian Slip Martini

 The name of this Martini is thanks to Lady Linzi. She suggested that there should be a drink called the Freudian Slip… And we both decided it needed to be pink and creamy. That is why I choose Strawberry cream liqueur. Marshmallow made me think of pillows and dreams. Why Banana? Well….sometimes a banana is just a banana people.(teehee)  I think this is the perfect drink for its namesake.

 What you will need:

 Strawberry Cream Liqueur (I used Strawberry Qream)

 Marshmallow Vodka (I used Pennacle)

 Crème de Banana ( I used  Dekuyper)

 Step 1: Combined 2 parts Strawberry cream liqueur, 1 part marshmallow vodka and 1 part Crème de Banana in a cocktail shaker add ice, shake and pour.

Garnish suggestions: A strawberry, a pink heart shaped marshmallow or perhaps a candy cigar. (teehee)

  Bottoms up baby! xoxox


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