Martini Monday: Chocolate Covered Strawberry

So this is late… but I have a good excuse. Last night I was making these. And I did the dumbest thing ever and ended up burning my hand. I managed to finish making dinner and then I called it a night.  My hand is fine now. It doesn’t hurt anymore. So that is a good thing. Another good thing is this Martini. Man is it yummy and truly easy to make!

What you’ll need:

 strawberry cream liqueur ( I used Qream… I’m ignoring the fact that products using misspelled words infuriate me.)

 crème de cacao

 whip cream infused vodka ( I used Pinnacle vodka)

 Step 1: Mix 2 shots of strawberry cream liqueur, 1 shot of crème de cacao and 1 shot of whip cream infused vodka in a cocktail shaker. Add a couple ice cubes and shake.

 Step 2: Pour in martini glass and enjoy!

bottoms up baby! xoxoxo


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