Sunday Inspirational: Stephen Colbert

This week’s Sunday Inspirational is Steven Colbert. Part me feels like this may not even need explanation, but this wouldn’t be much of a weekly segment if I didn’t elaborate. So why am I inspired by Stephen Colbert?

The hub and I have been watching the Colbert report a lot lately and I don’t know if it is because of the gold mine of material due to the Republican Primaries and the group of knuckle heads pawing for top spot or what it is, but let me tell you Steven Colbert has been hitting it out of park lately.

I know that Steven Colbert does not write all of his material, but it’s not so much what he says that I find so amazing it’s how he delivers it. On the Colbert Report, when Steven Colbert says something there is no mistaking what he is really saying and more importantly how he feels about it. Ok sure there are those people out there that have no concept of satire and don’t understand what exactly is going on, but that is kind of what makes satire so awesome… it’s a like a private joke for smart people. Steven Colbert does satire like no one I’ve seen, with the possible exception of Carol O’Connor.

Oh and he has a really nice singing voice. 🙂


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