Martini Monday: The Zentini

Happy Chinese New Year! Today’s martini is the Zentini! A mix of green tea, green tea simple syrup and passion fruit vodka!

What you need:

 Two green tea bags



 Passion Fruit Vodka – I used Smirnoff

 Step one: Make a pot of green tea and let it steep

 Step Two: Put 1 cup of tea and 1 cup of sugar in a pan and heat until it boils and sugar is dissolved. Allow syrup to cool. It should be thick like pancake syrup. Put the rest of the green tea in the refrigerator.

 Step Three: Put two shots of passion fruit vodka, ice cubes, 1 cup of iced green tea and 1/4 of a cup the green tea syrup.

 Step Four: Shake and pour!

Bottoms up baby xoxoxo

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