Martini Monday: Flirtini

Hope you had a lovely Holiday season. We made it! This week’s Martini Monday is the perfect way to use up that left over Champagne 🙂

What you will need:

Pineapple juice




Step 1: Combine 60z of Pineapple juice and 3 shots of vodka and some ice cubes in your cocktail shaker and shake.

Step 2: Let the juice and vodka settle for a minute ( it will be frothy and you do NOT want to add Champagne when it’s like that. Once it is settled add 1 cup of Champagne. Do NOT shake. Champagne is carbonated (obvi) and you do not want a mess.

Step 3: pour a very small of grenadine, say a teaspoon, in the bottom of your martini glass. Then pour your vodka, pineapple, champagne mixture.

You can garnish with a maraschino cherry if so inclined. The store was out of them when I went if you can believe it!

Bottoms up baby! xoxox

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