12 photos from 2011 (a year in review)

Elise Larson over at A Beautiful Mess posted her 12 photos from 2011 and it had me thinking that it might be fun to go through my pictures and old memories from last year and sum up my year in photos before I do my traditional “lessons learned” and “yearly mix” posts. So here ya go.


Beer Floats at Lilly Handmade Chocolates in Tremont! Yes you read correctly beer floats! Ice cream and beer. They make a delicious combo. They had an espresso stout and some sort of orange beer to choose from. I can’t remember which one I got but it was yummy!


I chose this picture because it was during February that I did a lot of Project Restyles . I finished two big ones in February just in time for my birthday celebration in March. This table and my TV stand. My coffee table is one of my faves. I kinda stopped doing the Project Restyle in August, but I’d like to start back up because it was really fun and is a great way to improve the decor around you while helping the environment.


March is the month I turned the big 3-0! I celebrated with a Marie Antoinette Champagne & Absinthe party. We had red velvet cake pops, rainbow cupcakes, baked brie and other cheese and crackers, “Let Them Eat Cake” shots and of course loads of Champagne and Absinthe. It was awesome. The next day sucked, but that night was worth it. 🙂


Two of my best friends Lauren and Mike got married in April. It was a cute wedding and Lauren looked beautiful. I had the honor of creating her hair piece that she wore in place of a veil. It looked fantastic in her hair… of course I didn’t get a picture of it because I’m dumb. However I did snap an Instagram photo of the lovely bride and groom during their first dance as husband and wife, as pictured above.


In May the Three Shillelaghs (me, Jimi and  Lady Linzi) made our way back to the Blue Ridge Mountains for a relaxing weekend. This is a picture of “Jacob.” Jacob is Jimi’s “second personality”. He wears glasses and can wield a mean shillelagh. The story of Jacob is a sort of long story, but basically my husband, Jimi, likes to introduce himself as Jacob at parties  where we do not know many people. He does this because he thinks it funny. I don’t know whether it is indeed funny, but it is certainly weird. One year when we were up at Gallagher Gate, Jacob made an appearance and “killed us.” By “killed us” I mean we laid down on the ground as he mimicked bludgeoning us to death with a shillelagh while one of us took pictures…I swear we are not insane…ok maybe a little.


June marked a really exciting time for me. I worked for 4 months on my costume for Parade the Circle and I was so excited to show it off. That’s me in the gigantic purple pompadour wig and blue star dress. I made everything from scratch. My friend Dave took this picture.


In July we saw one of our favorite bands, Patent Pending, play at Peabody’s ( a local club). They are a great live band and really sweet guys. They cam back in September, & December as well. We can’t wait for them to come back in Spring 🙂


My car was a victim of a hit and run in August. I was at home a sleep in bed on Thursday/ Friday morning. When I woke up to go to work my car looked like that. The pictures I took did not do it Justice. Sadly I had to say goodbye to Edgar (my car). It turned out to kind of be a blessing in disguise since Edgar was starting to cost a lot in repairs, but I had a lot of memories in my old car and I miss him. I’m thoroughly enjoying Ernest (my new car) though!


Labor day weekend the Three Shillelaghs went to Geneva on the Lake for some kitschy fun. We enjoyed the arcades, food at Eddie’s Grill and a rousing game of mini golf. September was also the month I started to sell Haus of Kaboom stuff on Etsy. I haven’t been as diligent with it as I want to be with it, but I hope in the coming months that it will get stronger.


Halloween of course! Jimi and I went as Westley (as the Dread Pirate Roberts) and an R.O.U.S ( Rodent of Unusual Size). I made the costumes. I love Jimi’s mask. It was a blast to make. One of my favorite couple costumes of all times!


In November Lady Linzi turned the big 3-0 and her party was even better than mine! Her’s was Great Gatsby themed. Champagne & St. Germain, Pimms and ginger ale. yum!


In December I made A LOT of crafts. It kept me busy, it calmed my anxiety, and made me happy during a very hectic time both at work and at home with the holiday craziness. This picture is me in the crocheted Santa hat I made. 🙂

If you did a year in review post on your blog (with or without pictures) I’d love to see them. Happy New Year everyone!

4 thoughts on “12 photos from 2011 (a year in review)

  1. What a fantastic year for you! I love the idea of 12 pictures too. Alas, I’ve already grumped my way through a 2011 review. lol

    Happy New Year to you and Jimi!

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