Dear Santa,

I love Christmas. I love giving presents. I get really excited when I find the perfect presents for people. I also like getting presents. 🙂 So if anyone out there in cyberland wants to get me something here are a few ideas 🙂

1. This Peggy Wolf Limited edition Sophie Print- I am in love with this print. In. Love.

2. This arrow ring in gold – So pretty 🙂

3. Sunbeam Donut Maker – I would gt so fat with this present, but I really need this!

4.  “Everything Is Going To Be OK “book <—–The phrase I mutter to myself daily.

5. The World of Geek Craft

6. A Leopard Cloche hat

7. She & Him Christmas album on VINYL

8.  Bodum Ibis Electric Water Kettle in Green

9. Target Gift Cards!- I need a new couch and a new dining room table so every little bit helps 🙂

10.  These Cocktail glasses!

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