CoNfEtTi FrIdAy 11/26/11-12/2/11

The only truly awesome part of this week is that it flew by at reckless speeds! Cheers to that! But I suppose if I am more honest with myself  I have to admit that there were a few things about this week that I should sing praise about… so here we go….

 A Tuna Christmas at Chagrin Valley Little Theatre. I helped costume this show and made a paper mache U.F.O. for them. It was great to see something that I created on stage. 
 The Lola Burger  & the Pumpkin Praline milkshake  from B Spot
♥  Spotify
Snow! Even if it only last a couple of hours on the ground it still made me happy!
Crisp air
New Girl… This show has grown on me slowly. The Thanksgiving episode had me laughing so hard that the hub asked what was going on. hehehe
My husband’s poetry. He’s very talented.
♥ walks around the neighborhood with the hub. 
Ringer… This show total surprised me. I expected it to be predictable. NOT AT ALL. Just as I think it’s swerving right is goes left! I love it.
Making cookies! Nothing like it to help you get in the Christmas spirit.
Finding out what to expect at my new job in January. I am moving to the call center. I’m thinking I will be much happier! 
♥ The new She & Him Christmas album. I’m listening to it on Spotify, but I really want it on Vinyl!
My husband showing support and concern when I am in a bad mood. It’s very comforting to know that he truly cares for my well-being. It may seem like this would be something that would go without question in a marriage, but not everyone has someone like that in their lives.
X-Files on DVD. I am obsessed!

I’m starting a new segment to my blog starting monday. Mondays will hence forth be known as Martini Monday and I will feature a new martini recipe… yay!



2 thoughts on “CoNfEtTi FrIdAy 11/26/11-12/2/11

  1. I wanted to hate The New Girl… but it’s just too hilarious. And I was so geeked for Ringer to start. I was worried after the first episode it would be corny, but I LOVE IT TOO.

    Also, Happy Holidays to you and your man. 🙂

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