CoNfEtTi FrIdAy: Thanksgiving edition 11/25/11

Here’s a little of list of just a few of the things that I am so thankful for

Family time
Friends- my bestie just turned 30 a couple weeks ago and she had a fantastic party! It was Great Gatsby themed. We all dressed in a 20’s best, smoked cigarettes from cigarette holders and drank Champagne & St Germain… Pimms & Ginger ale ….more Champagne… It was awesome! We saw our friend Daniel who was in from Columbus. Always a good time

This is my favorite picture from that night! I literally put a cork in it! lol 🙂

 Going to the Zoo on Thanksgiving
 Turkey and my mom’s stuffing…drool.
Seeing family I haven’t seen in years!
Road trips!
Champagne at Aldi! My favorite Champagne is Martini & Rossi. A couple weeks ago my husband joked that we could get Champagne at Aldi and he called it “Rartini & Mossi.” At the time they did not have Champagne… but they just got some in. I will be trying it to night 🙂
Watching X-files with the hub.
La Bella cupcakes
days off from work
Making stuff for the Haus of Kaboom winter collection
Dreaming of snow
Day dreaming of presents
Making pom poms
Intense Repair by Lubriderm. Best lotion ever! No way will I have dry skin this winter!
My moccasins  I bought at Target on sale for 5 bucks!
Evil eye bracelets
Lucy Hales’ single Run This Town… it’s adorbs. I know I’m a dork, but I love Pretty Little Liars and Lucy Hales. 🙂
♥ e.l.f lip gloss in “ruby slipper”
My ever-growing list of DIY projects that I can’t wait to delve in 🙂
marshmallow vodka!

How cute is this picture of Marilyn Monroe! I loves! I’m looking forward to a wonderful evening full of crafting, cheap champagne and my Bust magazine!  What are your plans for this lovely post holiday weekend?

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