Fall Mix 2011

  1. I am a Paleontologist- They Might Be Giants
  2. Oxford Comma- Vampire Weekend
  3. Downtown- The Jessica Fletchers
  4. The Luck You Got- The High Strung
  5. Sweet Darlin- She & Him
  6. Jenny and the Ess Dog- Stephen Malkmus
  7. I Wish I Was the Moon Tonight- Neko Case
  8. New Yorker Cartoon- Jenny & Johnny
  9. Wild One- Those Darlins
  10. Oh my God- Ida Maria
  11. Whirring- The Joy Formidable
  12. Smile Like you Mean It- The Killers
  13. Look Out Sunshine- The Fratellis
  14. What Katie Did- The Libertines
  15. You Only Live Once- The Strokes
  16. He’s Not A Boy- The Like
  17. You and I- Lady GaGa
  18. 99 Problems- Hugo
  19. SkyScrapper- Demi Lavota
  20. Sing- The Dresden Dolls

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