Polish Boy

The Polish Boy is a sandwich that originated in my home town of Cleveland, Ohio. It is a sausage based sandwich, usually made with keilbasa. I finally had one this year and let me tell you it was delicious! After that I tried to make my own version. I think I did a good job. Follow the recipe below so you can make your very own.

What you’ll need:

Hoagie bun

Sausage link- I used a chicken and spinach sausage because that is what I had

Coleslaw- I just got some pre- made coleslaw

French Fries- I used frozen fries (clearly I cooked them in the oven first as the package instructed)

Barbecue sauce- A common sauce used is Open Pit, but I just used some left over barbecue sauce I had in the house.

Toast the hoagie bun

Place coleslaw in the bun

Place sausage in bun on top of slaw

Top with french fries

Smother in barbecue sauce

The finish product should look like this:








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