CoNfEtTi FrIdAy 7/23/11-8/12/11

I love this big chunky confetti that elsiecake is using in her Fall Lookbook. I am retardedly excited for Fall this year. Partly because it’s hot as balls this summer and partly because I love Fall clothes. Don’t get me wrong I have had a fun and eventful summer and I am glad it’s not over yet, but I look forward to Fall and it’s comforts.

This morning I woke up this:

Despite all of that my day wasn’t too bad

 Cedar Point
True Blood- Finally got the first 4 episodes from Linzi. Can’t wait for the other 4!
Earl Grey Gelato
Reading in my underwear
ice cold Arnold Palmers
Dreaming of Fall
Getting organize
Getting to sleep before midnight
Gap Jeans for less than 6 bucks a pair at the thrift store!
Nag Champa
The Goonies on  the big screen
The Jamaican Beef Jerky 
picnics with the hub

The new beginning scene Linzi and I wrote for a Jaws sequel


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