Monday Night at the Rock Show

When I was in my 20’s I went to a lot of rock concerts. Not huge arena shows mind you. Small intimate shows in local dive bars and concert venues. The pictures above are from some of those late night exploits. We’d often listen to music we’d never heard before. Sometimes we’d make friends with the band members. And we always got drunk. I’m not gonna lie, it was FUN. A LOT OF FUN. The past year or so we have slowed down. A year and a half ago, Jimi lost his job and we don’t have money like we used to. We have adapted, but there is no longer money available for getting smashed at the bar. Part of me is grateful for this. Truth be told I don’t know how I went out so much, staying out late hours and still making it to work the next day. When I think of how much money I wasted over the years it makes me sick. I guess that is part of getting older.

So this past monday one of my husband’s favorite bands (and now one of my favorites as well) was playing a show at an old hang out of mine, the Priates Cove. I used to go to Pirates Cove for 80s dancing every week. Oh the memories. I probably haven’t been in there for years. (My god how it shrank!)So we made our way for the super early concert (7:oopm). We were the oldest people in there, other than the band (actually We are possibly older then band) and the employees…oh and the couple parents that were there to support their kid’s band.

The opening act was a local highschool band, called Hit the Ground Running. They were adorable. I’m sure they weren’t really going for adorable, but when you’re 16 and rocking out, you are adorable. They did a cover of a SmashMouth song, “Rockstar” and since I hate that song I was really impressed that I dug their version.

Jimi and I figured since we were the only ones drinking we owed it to the poor bartender to keep her busy. I can NOT drink like I used too, another thing that comes with age I guess. But none the less I held my own. We probably spent more money then we should of, but I will tell you it was a hell of a time and worth every penny.

I usually feel like an old sad sack when I go to all age shows. I see the 16 year olds in the crowd and I remember what it was like being 16 and having your whole life in front of you. Those 30 year olds in the corner where lame and often total weirdos. “They were invading my turf”…Yeah well now I am the 30 year old…so it’s kinda a blow to my ego to think that those kids probably think I’m an old geezer…normally thats how I feel. I don’t know if it was because it is finally starting to feel like summer or the alchohol or the awesome band (Patent Pending) we came for, but I was totally inspired and reguivenated by the show instead.

Patent Pending is one of the best live bands I have ever seen… as I stated before… I’ve seen  A LOT. The frontman Joe, is ridiculously energetic (not to mention a total cutie). He does an excellent job of engaging with the audience. He sings to everyone in the audience… like personally sings to them. He doesn’t look threw you he looks at you. That means a lot to 16 year olds…30 year olds too. Some of my favorite parts of the concert were when he commended “flannel shirt” guy for “commiting” to the flannel shirt even though it was offically hot as balls in that tiny room. Another favorite was when he told “blonde girl in the back” that she hadn’t committed to the concert yet because she was all the way in back. Two seconds later she was up front with the rest of us with a huge smile on her face and she was throughly enjoying herself. Then of course there was the traditional dance party on stage during “Cheer up Emo Kid” which is off of their 2006 CD Save Each Other the Whales are Doing Fine. This  basically consits of the entire audience  letting loose and getting on stage and singing and dancing a long. You better believe that the hub and I were there front and center. ( I told you we were drinking tehehehe).

After the show I made my 15th million trip to the ladies’ room and  on my way back I saw Joe walking through the hall. He gave me a high five and said “Good job out there.” Yes, you read right, He just gave a stellar performance and he’s congratulating me on enjoying it and being a good audience member. 🙂 Either that or he was reading mind.

Afterwards we chatted with the band and then bought the latest CD ” Second Family.” Second Family is an excellent CD, which almost didn’t get made. The CD relied on funding from Kickstarter. I love the idea of Kickstarter. It’s a brillant concept that has helped a lot of projects get funded. I think it’s amazing that this CD was made with support of fans. I haven’t been able to stop listening (except for when I am sleeping) since I riped the plastic off in the car right after the show. I could go on about what songs are awesome… but honestly this post is not a review… I just wanted to share a little story of how I got mentally recharged and inspired by a group of teenagers, a punk rock band, and a dirty dive bar.


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