CoNfEtTi FrIdAy May 7, 2011- May 13, 2011

Happy Friday everyone! This week was a doozy. I was ready to crawl up the walls at work while waiting to leave today. I decided to start my weekend off right was a caramel light frappe from Starbucks. This week they had “happy hour” prices from 3:00pm-5:00pm. 1/2 off all frappes. Once I had one I felt loads better. I came home changed and opened the mini bottle of Champagne from the wedding I attended last month. I am celebrating making it to the weekend. Earlier in the week I had to have my car repaired $875.00 later I got my car back with 1/2 of the repairs it actually needed. Then I got a letter stating our rent will go up in August, which has prompted us to look for another apartment which is  something we were going to do eventually, so really it just lit a fire under our butts. When it rains it pours. In other news there were some good things about the week… and here they are

The sun!!! Oh how I missed you

Stuffed green peppers

Coupons! My sister in law Lisa has become a coupon aficionado. I was able to get two packs of bic soleil razors, tape, a bag of pick/flossers, square cotton pads all for 7.50…awesome.

Amelie. I forgot how amazing that movie is!

Cajun Artichoke & Spinach dip from Grumpy’s in Tremont

Walking around the Shaker Heights Nature Center and seeing a turtle!

This blog which may just be my new favorite! I love what she does with her thrift store finds!

the Tremont Art walk

This glitter wall

working on my accessories. Working on setting up shop. 

This amazing hat I found at this awesome vintage shop in Tremont last night. It was 58 bucks so it did not get purchased but the picture is also pretty awesome 🙂

Velvet Mushroom soup from Amp 150


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