Summer Lovin’

I have so much I want to do this summer. For the sake of my sanity I am blogging my list so that it can stop preoccupying my thoughts 24/7.

I can’t wait to:

Go to the beach

give myself henna tattoos on my feet

Organize my craft area

Sell my headbands & jewelry

Learn the Ukulele

Go to fairs & festivals

See Katy Perry with opener Marina & the Diamonds!

See Britney Spears with opener Nicki Minaj

Make some cute summer dresses

DIY home projects

Take up jogging again

Read books in my big chair while the sunshine streams in

Wear feathers in my hair

Go on picnics

Ride my bike around town

Write & finish  my thesis

Go to a soccer game in Columbus

Go to a baseball game

Go on a couple of roadies

Write my one woman show

Make a Succulent Mug garden

Redo our desk area as part of Project Restyle 🙂

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