CoNfEtTi FrIdAy 4/16/11-4/22/11

Designing my costume for Parade the Circle!- I am almost done with my wig and the awesome Peter Max style planets that will be attached to my wig. I am taking pictures of everything, but they wont be shown on my blog until after the Parade. So stay tuned!

Two of my best friends got hitched last Saturday! The Bride, Lauren (GoldieSays) was beautiful! I loved her dress and her shoes were really cute even though they were tucked away under the gown. I made the hair clip she wore in her hair. I had such anxiety about it, but it came out awesome and look fantastic in her hair! I also made the flower girl clips. Those came out well too.

Last Sunday we went to the 2nd C-Town Chow Down… Lately there has been a boom of Food trucks in the Cleveland area. Yay for us! They have decided to do a monthly food truck gathering… My ass will be at that event every month because can I just say YUM!!! StrEAT Mobile Bistro is Amazballs! Buffalo Mac & Cheese is to die for!  Jiabro had delicious Empanadas as well.

Researching databases… ok I admit that this is a weird one, but I had almost given up finding information for my project and then I was introduced to IBISWorld and Standord & Poor and they are both a wealth of information and now I don’t want to stab people.

I created a new page on this blog that will be used to sell my accessories that I will be making. It’s called the Haus of Kaboom. I did some sketching the other day and I am super thrilled to start working on stuff. Just a week and 1/2 left of school and I can begin. Headbands, hair clips, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, coolie hats, and more! Stay tuned!

Forensic Files. I think this might be the best reality crime show. Even better than Snapped. I watched like 3 hours of this last weekend and the hub said I was disturbing.

matte nude lipstick

My awesome Rachel Roy ring. This picture doesn’t do it justice. It is a bird. And it went perfectly with my dress I wore at the wedding

Thinking about ideas for a Burlesque routine…I am starting to think really hard about a lot of the stuff on my 30 before 31 list actually…

Which brings me to the awesome henna body art book I bought at Half Price Books for 5 bucks. Came with a tube of henna. I can’t wait till the summer. It’s going to be a good one

The hub cut his hair last week. He had 13 inches cut off. He donated it to Locks of Love. Pretty awesome. I loved his long hair, but I love when its short too. He’s such a cutie pie.

Tonight Lady Linzi & I went to the Vaudevillian Showdown at The Speakeasy located in the basement of Bier Market on West 25th street in Ohio City. It was a last-minute decision and I am so glad we went. Great show. Sabrina Chap, a singer song writer out of NYC was there and she was great! Very funny. A Cleveland’s own Pinch & Squeal were great. And I heart the Hilar-A-Tease! So happy to finally see more than just themed stripping in the Cleveland Burlesque community.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

xoxox Kittie Kat

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