CoNfEtTi FrIdAy 4/2/11-4/8/11

So the next few weeks are crunch time as I prepare to finish classes. Papers and presentations…blah. Then on to completing my thesis and then I will be D.O.N.E . I am aiming for September to be done with my thesis and then I am moving on with my life and focusing all my attention on my goals! I can’t wait!

BRRG Roller Derby!- Bout # 2 was fun. We sat on a different side then normal and I liked the view much better from that side. Next Bout in April 30th. If you live in the Cleveland area you should come on out, it’s a good time!

Coming up with ideas for “Bell the Cat” my cabaret cafe business I want to open. Theatre company, bar & cafe, in-house Burlesque troop, art gallery… that just part of it

The Corny Beast from Melt- An ultra jumbo all beef hot dog char grilled and stuffed into a sandwich with double American cheese. Dipped in cornbread batter then deep-fried served with chipotle ketchup…  YUM!!!!!!

Strongbow & “Beam me up Scotty” shots at Parnell’s Pub

Strar Trek IV the Voyage Home

Peru- I saw this awesome picture of a young girl with this very colorful hat on our companies Intranet and the story was all about how doctors and other medical providers went to Peru. I thought the hat was awesome so I looked up pictures of Peru and Oh My god it’s beautiful! I have now added it to my list of places I want to travel. Plus it is now on my fashion inspiration list for 2011! Just look at these pictures and tell me you don’t feel the same!

Lemon vanilla body spray and lotion from Bath & Body Works… it smells amazballs! Like a lemon pound cake! yummers!

Seeing the purple & white crocuses popping up in my mother’s garden.  Every year they let me know that spring is really here!

Thunderstorms- We are in for some doozies this weekend. I hope they are earth shatteringly loud 🙂 Those are the best.

Glitter nail polish on nude nails

Pork Belly Sandwiches from StrEAT Mobile Bistro…one word YUM

Putting together my wig for Parade the Circle. We found the best material was Polyfil. You know the stuff the use for pillows. So now I have an awesome Marie Antoinette inspired pomp fro which will be sprayed painted “gumdrop” tomorrow. It’s amzing and I can’t wait to reveal it in June!

Happy weekend everyone!

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