Project Restyle #4

So like many of the projects on my to do list for Project Restyle, this project has been on my list for a long time. In fact I set out to do this once before and then I kept postponing finishing it and then it got damaged by my stupidity. I was using iron transfers to make T Shirts for our campaign to bring Free Jack to the Cleveland Cinemas cult movie night aka The Late Shift. We made awesome t shirts but were unsuccessful with our campaign… as of right now. We still have our hopes. But I digress… There my coffee table lie for two years begging for me to sand it, repaint it and finally finish it. I heart it and so far it is holding up. I sprayed it was a finishing coat, but time will tell if it was effective. The cool part is I paid nothing for the table itself. My mom brought it home from one of her art residencies. Someone gave it to her! So a can of paint, some gold craft paint and a can of sealant is all it cost!


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