30 before 31

I fully admit I ripped this idea off! 🙂 One of my favorite bloggers, elisecake over at  A Beautiful Mess did her list in November. I really liked the idea and since I never actually made an New Years Resolution list I figured I would make my own birthday list of 30 things I want to accomplish before my 31st birthday. Some are bigger goals and some are smaller things thats I just think would be fun to do…

1. Have and Absinthe & Champaign Party– Ok I’m really not cheating with this one. I had wanted to do this one this year and it just seemed like the perfect opportunity to do it for my birthday… So yay I get to cross something off my list 🙂

2.Learn French– I have been wanting to do this one forever. I was thinking about purchasing Rosetta Stone… It’s really expensive, but I know it’s effective. I have a set of cds I bought a year ago…maybe I will get those out and finally listen to them on my way to class like I had intended.

3. Knit 5 projects out of my Stitch N Bitch books– I have been wanting to re learn how to knit for a while now. I have like 10 books with awesome kniting projects in them. I’d really like to start making my way through the these books.

4. Make a few dresses from scratch– I bought this awesome book on how to make dress patterns and how to make your own dresses from scratch. As soon as school is done I plan on making a few for spring and summer.

5. Finish my thesis– I will be throwing a party when this blasted thing is complete!

6. Go to the Warhol Museum– Next Sunday we are making this happen 🙂

7. Read 6 books – I know this may seem like a ridiculously low amount but I am the queen of starting books and putting them down and never picking them up again. So 6 is a good number for me 🙂 It’s a start anyway.

8. Road trip to Detroit for the day– It seems ridiculous that I live 3 hours from Detroit and I have never been. I think that it would be fun to venture over there for the day and see what another Rust belt city has to offer.

9. Start selling my head bands and jewlery I make. – I don’t want to start an Etsy store because the charge to post your merchandise and they take a percent of your profits. which is fine because I understand it’s a business, but if I sell my stuff I want to reap the benefits. So this year I will be starting a store from this blog 🙂

10. Reduce my carbon foot print– I am such a consumer. Sometimes it saddens me. It saddens that I throw away at least two garbage bags a week… That just seems ridiculous. I recycle too! There has to be away for me to limit my in impact on the planet.

11. Invest money (even if it’s just a little)– I honestly am as ignorant of the investment world as someone could possibly be. I’d like to change that. I figure 30 is a good time to start figuring all this stuff out. I’d like to have a stock portfolio someday… whatever that is.

12. Cook more and post recipes. -It’s been a while since I posted a good recipe on this blog. I hope to do that more. I also joined my cousin’s facebook group called The Misfit Mama’s & Papa’s Kitchen. Please join and post your favorite recipes or use it to get inspired to cook.

13. Build a record collection.- This past Christmas I bought Jimi a record player. Since then we have been slowly adding records to our collection. I really want to go to Columbus to some of their stores. According to Lady Linzi there are some good record stores that sell records for cheap.

14. Go to some soccer matches– Last summer we didn’t get to go to any soccer matches like we did the past few summers/falls. We are hoping to get to a couple this season down in Columbus. Go Crew!

15. Learn to play the Ukele.-This past Christmas Jimi bought me a pink Ukele. It was one of the best presents I got. I’ve heard rumors that there are good video on youtube that help you learn how to play. That is my plan for the summer.

16. Save up to buy a house– I might be able to save enough by the time I reach 31, I might not. But I definitely want to save for it. I hate pumping money into an apartment when I get nothing out of it. It’s time to take the steps to making a home.

17.Write a one woman show and submit it to CPT Little Box– I have had a one women show rumbling around my head. I really would like to put it to paper and submit it to Cleveland Public Theatre’s Little Box series which help playwrights workshop their productions as staged readings.

18. Go to New York City for a long weekend– I know like…tons of people who live in NYC and Jimi has never been. Plus he has been going gaga over the Spiderman musical and I would love to see a Vampire Cowboy play while there.

19. Go to the beach every week in the summer– Last summer the best part of the week was going to beach at Mentor Headlands. I really want to continue that practice.

20. Keep my car clean– Sometimes I swear my car is a giant trash can on wheels. I’m going to make an effort to clean it out once a week.

21. Don’t let my laundry get out of hand– My bedroom is either full of mountains dirty clothes or baskets of folded clothes waiting to be put away. I need to get a handle on this problem and find away to keep my clothes from taking over my life. I already got rid of 4 garbage bags full of clothes…INSANE!

22. Paint again– It’s been a while since I brought out my easel. I’d very much like to find the time to paint some more so I can get better at it.

23. Take up running again– My metabolism is retarded and the only time I can lose any weight is when I run. I hate working up to running straight for 20-30 minutes, but when you get there it’s awesome.

24. Get involved/ perform Burlesque– Once school is done I will finally be able to get back to theatre and I will also have some extra time to spend on getting involved in Burlesque here in Cleveland.

25. Design and construct my own Parade the Circle costume– I am working with the Beck Center in Lakewood for this years Parade the Circle in June. I am so excited to be able to construct my costume from scratch. I don’t want to ruin the surprise so I wont post any pictures before hand, but afterward I will do a blog with tons of pictures so you guys can see the process I went through. It should be fun.

26. Fill out paper work for my 501 (c) 3 non profit theatre company– This will be a big step to beginning my journey of starting my own theatre company. This will be so exciting. I can’t wait to be done with school and my thesis and finally start making my dreams come true.

27. Wear feathers in my hair this summer- I also plan to be barefoot most of the time this summer. I will be bringing back the skirts again and giving myself henna tattoos on my feet.

28. Make a quilt– I have been collecting cloth scraps and I can’t wait to finally construct a quilt for our bed that I make myself. 🙂

29. Create a cute & organized craft area– I have a closet in my apartment that I keep my craft stuff in. I had organized it but it turned to chaos again. I plan to do some spring cleaning and get it back under control and  make some additional changes to make it not only functional, but cute!

30. Get some goldfish– I have two tanks (one for Jimi & one for me) We have been wanting to actually get fish for over two years. In fact I bought Jimi’s tank as a Christmas present two Christmases ago!


6 thoughts on “30 before 31

  1. Kat – I’m pretty good at patterning, so if you need any help with that one number on this list, just let me know! I have about five dresses I plan to make before summer from scratch. I’ll warn you though – once you start making your own clothes, it’s very hard to stop! 🙂

    • Thanks Kacey! I will keep you in mind if I need advice. I’m made skirts, but thats as far as I’ve gone. But it’s so fun!

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