Project Restyle #3

This piece of furniture used to be my changing table when I was a baby. When we moved into our first apartment we had no furniture, so I took it from my mom’s basement and painted it white and used it for a TV stand. I did the worst job ever. I didn’t sand it. I didn’t fill the holes. And I left the hideous knobs on there. I had been wanting to redo this tv stand for years. In fact a year ago I put a swatch of paint on it fully intending to work on it that following weekend and a year later it still was yet to be done. I put a table cloth over the top so the painted area was covered and went about my business. I was so happy when I “signed up” to be a part of Project Restyle. I knew that it would propel me to get some of these projects, that have been set aside, finished. So without further ado I bring you Project Restyle #3…

One thought on “Project Restyle #3

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