CoNfEtTi FrIdAy 3/5/11-3/11/11

Champagne & Absinthe party for my 30th birthday. It was a blast… at least from what I remember 🙂

My awesome headband I wore at my party. I made this bad boy in under 5 minutes. All I used were a couple of feathers, broken pin (the leopard print cloth rose was once a brooch) and a headband I bought at the dollar store months ago. It’s amazing what you can do with a few dabs of hot glue!

Run by Vampire Weekend

Venting through facebook

My awesome present from Bridget Callahan one of her awesome photographs! Go get your own here.

Baileys coffee creamer. Their carmel coffee creamer is the only one that I have tasted that actually tastes good.

These shoes!- I had a pair like these when I was a senior in highschool and they totally fell apart from extensive use. I wish I still had them or I could find another pair that wouldn’t cost me and arm & a leg.

Tiramisu cake pops from Starbucks… cake pops are popping up everywhere. I made some red velvet ones dipped in pink white chocolate for my party. They were pretty good too! I decided to make some special ones for St Patricks Day. I will post the recipe… I’m pretty sure they will be mind blowing!

Hungry Girl! I love this website and the cookbooks. I need to start using it more because it takes yummy food and helps you make it less bad for you, but the food is still super good. My only complaint is that some of the recipes are so convoluted.

Hard Candy Clear Matte nailpolish. This nailpolish is awesome! It takes any color and makes it matte. I used it on top of my black and it looked cool like my nails were made of leather. I recommend!

Dinosaur chicken nuggets- The other day when we were getting dinner I said to the husband popcorn chicken, chicken nuggets or dinosaur chicken nuggets… he said dinosaur…I was secretly hoping he’d say dinosaur 🙂 Later that night a rogue dinosaur jumped on his shoulder and went “roar”…

This is the most magical looking place I have ever seen. I want those owls in my back yard…of course it might not look as good as it does next to that castle 🙂

Peter Max!

Chan Luu wrap bracelets. I am on a mission to make my own! I love to browse through the items that Amazon says I would like and find new things… I think that might be slightly weird. Does anyone else do that?


4 thoughts on “CoNfEtTi FrIdAy 3/5/11-3/11/11

  1. From what I can find out Taiwan… what I thought was a castle, on closer examination looks like some sort of extravagant gazebo or monument… still amazing looking 🙂

    • I’m not sure where your house is, but since I have never been to a Bavarian Tea house I think it’s safe to say I have not been to the one by your house 🙂

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