A Kaboom Birthday Mix

This past weekend I had an Absinthe & Champagne party to celebrate my 30th birthday. The theme was Marie Antoinette. We had a pastel dessert table full of rainbow cupcakes, red velvet cake pops and Guinness flavored chocolate covered marshmallows in one room. Then we had an “Absinthe parlor” decorated with green tulle (Thanks to Lady Linzi), immersed in green light and filled with savory snacks. There was even a green fairy, which the hub and I purchased at the dollar store because…well it was awesome 🙂
Every good party has a theme song…right? Well this party’s theme song was Party Bag by I Blame Coco and if your party’s theme song is called Party Bag it stands to reason that you need to give your guests party bags. The part bags contained glow bracelets and skull chocolate candies (handmade by my party hero, you guessed it Lady Linzi). I also made my guests a mixed cd. I am pretty proud of it. If you weren’t able to come and want your own copy you are in luck because I have  included a copy in this post. (Click on the bottom picture)  I think it captures the spirit of the party.  I didn’t take any pictures because I am a moron…that and I was drunk 😉

One Thousand Pillows Soft- Hot Cha Cha
Unhappy Birthday- The Smiths
Party Bag- I Blame Coco
Shampain- Marina & the Diamonds
It’s Only 9- The Jessica Fletchers
Run- Vampire Weekend
Dog Days Are Over- Florence & the Machine
All Cats Are Grey- The Cure
Freezing- Mozella
Boys & Girls- Dragonette
The Kill- The Dresden Dolls
Boring- The Pierces
Caribu & Cake- Scarling
Marvelous Things- Eisley
Silver Lining- Rilo Kiley
Born This Way- Lady Gaga


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