CoNfEtTi FrIdAy 2/26-3/4

Basement dance parties

Nice people who make you feel welcome

Wet & Wild eye shadow trio

Chicken Korma

Fight Club Chocolate bars  (made to look like the soap on the cover of the movie)

I want this bedroom…only bigger 🙂

My new bike bell

My new Christmas Story leg lamp night light

Lemon Ricotta pancakes

Getting Happy birthdays from old friends

Thrift store finds

Wait Until Dark- I was afraid that I wasn’t going to like this movie as much as I hoped that I would… if that makes sense. But it was SO good. It has placed #3 in my favorite Audry Hepburn movies

Finding an Absinthe kit for 40 bucks including a glass and slotted spoon

Redecorating my apartment.

This picture

My husband deciding he wants to dress like a 19 century poet

Getting the math problem on my test correct 🙂

This will be the scene in my apartment come Saturday night 🙂 I love planning a party, but man is it work!

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