A Year in Review 2010: The Year of Challenges


10 Lessons I Learned in 2010

Every year I write an end of the year blog where I reflect on the year and the lessons that I learned.  After a week of reflection, here are the 10 lessons I feel I have learned in 2010.

1. Sometimes you just have to rise to the occasion No one likes taking their car in to be fixed and being told they have to pay $400.00 bucks to get it fixed. No one likes to have difficult conversations with employees or friends. And  no one like to be laid off. Hiding under the covers may seem like a better solution, but in the long run refusing to deal with the problem just leads to more problems down the road and often the situation just gets worse. It’s best to deal with it head on and learn and grow from the experience. You will survive the challenge and come out a better person for it.

2. I self impose deadlines that don’t exist – Yes there are plenty of times when deadlines must be followed and you have to be on top of your shit. But there are so many things in my life that don’t require a deadlines and yet I find myself getting frantic or depressed when I don’t make these fictional deadlines I create for myself. So what if the bedroom doesn’t get clean on that day? Or my blog doesn’t get written until a week after New Years… the only one holding me to these restrictions is myself… If it doesn’t get done today there is always tomorrow. There are a million things I want to accomplish in my life time. Everything from starting my theatre company to learning to knit, but it doesn’t all have to get done tomorrow. There is time for it all. One step at a time.

3. I’m attracted to guys in 18th century gothic garb and top hats- During our trip to Key West, Lady Linzi and I formed a hardy crush on our Ghost Tour tour guide…I’ve had crushes on some strange characters in my life. Tried and true movie stars like Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, & Nathan Fillion, but also random actors like Sam Elliot, Jeff Bridges, hell even Steve Buscemi (I just realized the last three were all in Big Lebowski, but, with the exception of Jeff Bridges, I actually developed crushes on them from other movies….weird). Then there were the teachers ranging from a young 20 something teacher I had in 6th grade to my 60 something Government teacher in high school. Hell even a bald Starfleet Captain has snagged my fantasy affections…So maybe I shouldn’t have been all that surprised that our ridiculously dressed ghoul guide made the list, but I was…oh and we both friended him on facebook.

4. The thing you want the most can be the scariest- I got a chance to apply for my dream job. When I sent my resume, cover letter and three writing samples to the theatre company, instead of feeling happy and excited I felt nervous and terrified. I wasn’t terrified or nervous that I wouldn’t get it. I was terrified that I would get it. I didn’t get the job, which was a disappointment as well, but that situation reminded me that change good or bad is scary and takes adjusting.

5.Everyone has flaws, even the people we look up to- It’s nice to be inspired by people, but it’s important to remember that there are people. Allow the inspiring parts to inspire and take comforts in the imperfections, you have them too.

6. It’s amazing what you can get used to- I get into ruts sometime and I wonder how I got there. Sometimes it’s not just about comfort either sometimes I catch myself doing things because that’s the way I have been doing them. Me and my friend Lauren email each other everyone once in a while and talk about the ruts we are in. I think the best way to avoid a rut is to make conscious choices and take responsibility for those choices. If it’s not something you want then change it, don’t let it remain in your life simply because you are too lazy or apathetic to do something about it.

7. There is no set way to live- The days of the 9-5, 401k, the PTA, the white picket fence and the 2.5 kids and the minivan are over. It’s not to say these things are bad. I want kids, I want a house, I need my 9-5 and 401k, but there is nothing wrong with taking the road less traveled. There is nothing wrong with never getting married, or not having kids, or following your dreams. The world is a big place and there is room for all of our destinies and dreams.

8. I’m far more capable than I give myself credit for- I don’t mean to pat myself on the back with this one. It’s just that I’ve always kept myself from doing things I wanted to do because I felt like I wasn’t good enough, but I have come to realize that I am capable of not only doing these things, but doing them well. Success is not about luck. Sure some people find success based on luck, but the rest of us get it (or will get it) through hard work and perseverance!

9. Happiness is a good book and Champagne on the beach- Need I say more?

10. I  the Marx brothers- So after watching several Marx brothers movies I have come to the conclusion that I am indeed a fan. A big fan! I heart them all but I have a special fondness for Harpo 🙂 Dressing up like them for Halloween was one of my favorite memories of 2010. Another fond 2010 memory involving the Marx brothers is my awesome impression of Groucho which led to Jimi and Linzi being jealous of it and trying to convince me it sucks. I know the truth ;). I want to buy their movies so that I can add them to my “watch when depressed list.”

I know it may be cliché to say that the year went by so fast, but 2010 is a blur and yet so much happened. Some was disappointing and stressful, like the hub losing his job and me being in school. Last spring I had the hardest public budgeting class ever. Not to mention putting off my thesis for almost a year and since then it has plagued my thoughts as an item on my to do list that feels like it will never get checked off. But there were also awesome things about 2010, like Key West, weekly trips to the beach, The Marx’s brothers film fest, lunch at the Dim & Den Sum food truck, Cedar Lee Cult film, pints at Parnell’s, performing in a show again, the World Cup, crafts, music, concerts, blogs, and friends. There are lots of things I will miss about 2010, but I am happy to finally turn the page and begin 2011. Sure the calendar may read 1/12/11, but for me the year  doesn’t feel complete until I had a chance to reflect and metaphorically shed my skin. I don’t know what to expect from 2011. I sort of feel like I was flung into this year and I was not ready. Ready for what you ask? I don’t know. There goes my self imposed deadline thing again. It’s 2011 now. It is what it is. 2011 may not turn out to be any better than 2010, but I see lots of possibilities and I excited to see what it has in store for me.



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