CoNfEtTi FrIdAy- Christmas edition

So… this holiday season I went absolutely bonkers with the holiday crafts. I love crafts and I love christmas so the combo of the two is a christmas present in itself 🙂 This year I was bombarded with ideas for DIY christmas crafts. I got ideas from blogs and magazines and even some that had been lingering in my mind. As a result my apartment now looks like Santas workshop…or like their was a felt genocide. I finally finished making ornaments and packed up all of the goodie bags and cookie tins. All that is left is to clean up the whirlwind of craft supplies and other stuff I have neglected for the past week and a half. I am starting to see why Santa has elfs. My confetti friday this week gives you a peak into my crafting exploits as well as some of my favorite things about christmas.

♥ Pink Christmas trees

♥ The stocking I made …inspired by the ones over at Free People

♥ Candy Cane Mojitos

♥ Matroyoska doll napkin rings

♥ My Christmas tree salt & pepper shakers

♥ My vintage christmas deer

♥ zombie reindeer

♥ popsicle stick snow flakes

♥ Felt ornaments

♥ Pom Pom garland

♥ Fabric scrap mini christmas trees

♥ snickerdoodles

♥ peanut butter mustache cut out cookies 🙂

♥ homemade mustache shaped apple brandy lolipops

♥ sugar plums

♥ my snow flake headband

♥ My mom’s Christmas bread with butter

♥ hosting Christmas brunch

♥ watching people open their presents and love them 🙂

♥ Watching Scrooged on Christmas eve

♥ Seeing family and friends

♥ Green nails and red toe nails

♥Living room covered in wrapping paper

♥ Egg Nog

♥ Ginormous Lash by Hard Candy in Dime & Lash Tinsel by Hard Candy in Spellbound

♥ Peppermint Hot Coco cupcakes from Labella

♥ Indian food for Christmas dinner

♥ My Jingle Bell necklace

♥ Cuddling with the hub

* Edited as of 1/9/11 ( added a few pictures 🙂 enjoy.


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