Light Blooms- DIY

I first saw this idea on I thought they were pretty but far too much money for my to shell out on something so…let’s face it,  impractical. Plus when I thought about it, they didn’t seem too difficult to make. So I purchased  the lights and faux flowers and went to town. The cool thing about my version is you can pick what type and color of flower you want to use and when you get sick of it or change your room’s color scheme, you can change the flowers without ruining the lights.

What you will need:

White christmas lights ( I used 15ft lights which had a total of 70 lights, but any length will work)

Faux flowers ( I used 35 faux flowers, but if you get a longer string of lights you will need to get more flowers. The amount should equal half of the amount of lights.)

Step 1: Remove the faux flower from the stem. Take apart the faux flower. Pay attention to the different layers and how it was constructed on the stem because you will be reconstructing it back on the light blub. Remember to keep the plastic centers that hold teh flower together on the stem as well. I used fairly inexpensive faux flowers because the are easier to take apart and to be honest the expensive faux flower isn’t going to look any better the the inexpensive one.

Step 2: Apply the layers to the bulb

Step 3: Secure the faux flower petals on with the plastic center piece

Step 4: Repeat on every other light until the end.

Step 5: Hang and enjoy!


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