CoNfEtTi FrIdAy 12/4- 12/10

Happy Saturday my little snickerdoodles! I missed this friday’s post because I left work early to pick up my sister-in-law. Just another thing that made this week rock! I am getting super-duper psyched for the Holiday season and now that pay day has finally come I can now go out and purchase Christmas presents. I have TONS of crafts to get done this week and a lovely holiday dinner party/present exchange with the lovely Lauren from GoldieSays and her fiancée Mike to plan.  In a few minutes we will be rushing off to brunch at Sweet Melissa’s, stopping for a yummy cupcake at Labella and then heading off to Cleveland’s Bazaar Bizarre. Then my final performance in Hillary: A Modern Greek Tragedy with a (Somewhat) Happy Ending! If you live in the Cleveland area please please please come 🙂

And on that shameful plug note, I bring you this weeks Confetti Friday.

Holiday crafts

The Big Lebowski

$4.00 Caucasians, Bunny Lebowski, and Walter shots at Parnell’s pub

The first day it snows…even if it ends in gridlock.

FreePeople!- What an awesome website. And a FANTASTIC DIY blog!

This fort from one of Free People photo shoots. It’s totally awesome and very gypsy. The photos from this shoot were magical!

The above DIY stockings from Free People. AMAZING! I am totally making myself one. I love them! They are very Nordic gypsy…. which is possibly a phrase I made up, but what a fantastic image. They had a bunch of these types of Nordic gypsy images all over their blog.

The term Nordic gypsy

Dance parties on stage before the show

Combining 5 hour energy drinks with triple Venti lattes from Starbucks

Hysterical posts on facebook about blog searches containing the phrase “if vagina turned black from to much pressure can it turn back”

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