CoNfEtTi FrIdAy(+ Thanksgiving)11/25- 12/3

 Burdock root tea- It’s a great cleansing tea. It spawned my new obsession with teas and herbal remedies and spawned a new recurring blog series called ” Magical Potions” It will debut next week.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Skin Cleanser- I can’t tell you how awesome this product is. My face is clear and extremely soft. It’s like a freaking miracle! A must have for this winter.

Wearing feathers to Thanksgiving dinner

My new sweat pants- I bought two pairs of Hanes sweat pants at Walmart for $5.00 a piece. They are comfy, warm, and come is awesome colors. I got one pair in plum and one in teal. I bought them for when I brave the cold winter weather on my daily walks… to begin this weekend.

Opening night- my show opened last friday. So far it has had favorable reviews. Here’s one. I am looking forward to knocking ’em dead tonight and Saturday. If you are in the Cleveland area come on down to Chagrin Valley Little Theatre and see me live and in Technicolor! Click for ticket info!

My opening night lilies and red velvet cupcake that the hub gave me- The hub bought me these lovely white lilies. They had a bunch of blooms on them and have continued to bloom all week. I love lilies. They made my night. Also my cupcake from La Bella was damn yummy!


Going to the zoo on Thanksgiving- The hub and I went to the zoo. It was rainy and a bit cold, but it was the best day ever. We had fun exploring the zoo and taking pictures for 3 HOURS! It was free. It was fun. And now it is a yearly tradition. I think the Koala is my favorite 🙂

Browns game!- I won tickets to last Sundays Browns game at a work raffle. The hub and I went. It was the second game I have ever attended. We bundled up. Walked a million miles from our parking spot to the stadium. We cheered! I actually followed what was going on. I froze my ass off…even though I had plenty of layers on and gloves and hat and scarf and a blanket…but WE WON!!! so it was all worth it. 🙂

A clean bedroom!- I finally cleaned my bedroom. All that is left now is going through clothes and laundry…this weekends big plans 😉

Charlie Chaplin (he’s such a lil fella) – On Wednesday Cedar Lee movie theatre at its 85th birthday! They celebrated with a yummy cake and a showing of The Gold Rush a 1920’s Charlie Chaplin movie. It was a cute movie and very funny. At the end of the movie I turned to Lady Linzi and said, Awe, he’s such a lil fella. She of course looked at me like I was a crazy.

Chaplin martini’s in bowler hats- Parnell’s pub, the pub next door to the Cedar Lee, (and the pub I constantly talk about here on my blog) had a specialty drink on Wednesday. The Chaplin Martini:

<31 oz apricot brandy

<31 oz sloe gin

<3splash of rose’s lime juice

It was delicious!

  Big Lebowski bowling party- For the past 3-4 years the Late Shift aka the Cedar Lee Cult movie series show the Big Lebowski… it’s one of my top 10 movies. For the past 3 years they have had a Big Lebowki bowling party the Sunday before the movie… You can bowl in your bathrobe & drink $2.00 Caucasins its awesome.

Chinese food- When I am in a cranky pouty mood Chinese food is the perfect solution! Last night I was super cranky and the hub agreed to Chinese food despite the fact that we didn’t have any “crunchies” in the house. By crunchies he means those nasty fried wonton strips they give you at cheap chinese places to cover the taste of their sub par chinese food. With Hunans on Coventry, you really don’t need them because their food is AWESOME. Couldn’t get any better…unless you’re in China….I’d imagine.

Zombie pumpkin pins- I made these from a book I bought when Borders was closing. Zombie Felties is the name of the name of the book

Swedish Fish martinis Chocolate Bar downtown has them…ingredients are top-secret, but they taste just like a Swedish Fish in liquid alcoholic form… slurp slurp.

Have a great weekend everyone. Stay warm 🙂

xoxox- kittie kat


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