Covering up a Tattoo: A Tutorial

LA tattoo artist, Julie Becker

Some of you might know that I am an actress. Some of you may also know that I have tattoos. While I love all of my tattoos, there are roles that require that I cover some of them up. Most recently I am in a show at River Street Playhouse, called Hillary: A Modern Greek Tragedy with a (Somewhat) Happy Ending.

Shameless plug

For the past three evenings I have been covering up my wrist and ankle tattoo and every night I perfect the art more and more, finding what works and what doesn’t. The rest of the cast has been asking me questions about it. Some of them are just curious and some of them want to know because they have tattoos of their own that they may need to cover in the future. So I decided to document my tips for covering up tattoos here on my blog. Here is what you will need:

  • A conclear brush
  • Blush brush
  • red liptick
  • Heavy duty conclear in a medium tone
  • Heavy duty conclear in a light tone
  • flesh toned loose powder

Starting point


Step 1. Take a red lipstick and coat the tattoo.

Step 1


Step 2. Using a make brush take a medium toned heavy duty concealer and blend concealer into arm. I used Hard Candy’s Glamoflauge.

Step 2

Step 3: Using the same make up brush take a lighter tone (closely matching your skin tone) heavy duty concealer. Blend well.

Step 3

Step 4. Allow the make up to dry a bit. To help the process, use the hair dryer. The cool setting works best.

Step 5. Using a blush brush, sweep a flesh toned loose face powder over the area. Coty airspun loose podwer works well.

Step 5


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