Fuss & Feathers: A Thanksgiving DIY project

Feather hair accessories seem to be all the rage now a days. One of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess, had a fantastic version this past summer. I made a multicolored  feathered “headdress” last year and dug them up recently. In fact I gave one to Lady Linzi for her birthday…

I think this trend is absolutely fabulous.  My one compliant however is most of the styles look best with long hair. Since I have short hair I decided to adapt this trend to short hair styles.  The good part is that my feather hair accessory can really be adapted to any length of hair. The other good part is that it’s a very subtle accent

Here is what you need:

Cotton braiding cord in your choice of color


End crimps

Jewelry  pliers

Step 1. Take two feathers roughly the same size and gather them at the “shaft”  otherwise known as the “quill.” Clamp the end crimp around the two quills. If you have any difficulty clamping the crimp down and the feathers in place then try to bend the side of the crimp without the feathers in them, just enough that you can stick the quill in. Then bend crimp down tight on the quill. Repeat this step, so that you have two of these.

Step 2.  Take the cord and double it over. Cut the cord so that it the right length for your hair. Double up the end and thread it through the hole of the end crimp. This should create a loop. Pull the cord through the loop. It should look like this:

Repeat this step on other end.

Step 3. Take two more end crimps. Use the jewelry pliers to cut off the circle part. (You can buy another set of crimps with out the circle part, but this way you save money)

Step 4: Tighten altered crimps around the cord to hide the end. Repeat on the other end

Step 5: Bend cord in half. Take the center of the cord and put it through the “eye” of the bobby pin. This will create a loop. Pull the rest of the cord through this loop. It should look like this:

The final step? Place the bobby pin in your hair, like so….

And look like a hot mama.


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